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Vanessa: Interview with MIx

“After my last record Heroes & Thieves, I was out of juice, I wasn’t clear about what I was doing, and I knew it wasn’t completely honest. But Rabbits On The Run is the most clear-minded and pure reflection of my sense of music that I’ve ever been able to achieve. It’s also the most collaborative, because everyone was so clear about what it was going to sound like. I think that’s because the bones of it were so strong. The skeleton of this record was so thought-through, and that’s when you can really play with your team members. Maybe it took time, it took my previous records, to get to this place, but I’m very grateful I’ve arrived here.”

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Vanessa CarltonWrites her own songs, and plays both the piano and guitar.

Was accepted into the School of American Ballet at age 14.

 Her two main loves in life are music and ballet.

Miss Carlton's debut album, 'Be not Nobody', was released on April 30, 2002. The first two videos from the album, "A Thousand Miles" and "Ordinary Day" have been big hits on MTV.

 Her parents are Ed (a pilot) and Heidi (a pianist and teacher) Carlton, she has a younger sister, Gwen and a younger brother, Edmond.

Attending Columbia University [2005]
Her album "Be Not Nobody" went platinum.

Received 3 Grammy nominations (2003)
The third hit single and video from 'Be not Nobody' is "Pretty Baby."

Was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year awards at the 45th annual Grammy Awards, held February 23, 2003. Both awards ultimately went to fellow newcomer Norah Jones.

Enjoys running and Yoga.

Is often mistaken for Michelle Branch and vice versa. Fans of one typically admire the other as well.

Stephan Jenkins is the lead singer of the band Third Eye Blind

Shares her birthday with Madonna.
At age two, Carlton and family went to DisneyWorld. Upon returning home, she picked out "It's A Small World" on the piano.

Is of Russian descent

Favorite alcohol is Vodka

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