Vanessa: "Rabbits On The Run"

Rabbits on the Run, Vanessa's new album is being released in JULY!! So excited for V. Pre Order it Now!


We are just loving Vanessa right now! She has got a unique sense of style, beautiful lyrics, can sing like a lark, can play the piano and just when we think she's going to disappear she comes with another song to knock you off your feet. Take a listen to this and tell us what you think ♥

Milford 6/6/09 ♥

V performed on the 6th of June at her hometown, Milford. She sung all of her greatest hits such as "A Thousand Miles", "Who's To Say", "Nolita Fairytale" and many more.

The video below is not filmed by myself or any other personal, all rights go to Vanessa Carlton and thankyou to itznicoleslaw for filming this very high quality clip.

February 17th ♥

Lately Vanessa has been very private about her whereabouts and we havent really seen her around. This year she has been seen out once on the 17th of February wearing a fabulous long black halter neck with a mahogany coloured country belt. Her hair was beautiful and complimented her outfit well.